Our internal capabilities compiled over the years coupled with a successful record which includes a rich portfolio of projects and experiences has equipped us with the ability to access, from multiple sources worldwide, a wide range of materials and products in different shades, selections, and price points. We leverage this capacity to our client’s advantage.

We partner with architects & designers at the project design & specification stage to help them find technical solutions and select the right material/products that meet their conceptual, technical, and commercial requirements. We then continue serving them at every stage of the project until completion and handover. This includes: providing control samples, arranging mock ups & approvals, production & QC, reporting, logistics management, project supervision, handover, and maintenance advice (see stories).

We provide consultations to developers, architects and contractors on Value Engineering solutions. This can be achieved by proposing changes to the existing designs and/or specifications. We accomplish client objectives without compromising the conceptual and technical integrity of the project.

We provide consultations to customers on sourcing specific products (already selected & approved) by the designer, through securing the supply chain (on time and as per approved specs). Here, we capitalize on our experience, global exposure, and set up, to provide the requested products through the most reliable channels.